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EDIT: Thanks for all the love this has been getting! :'D

If you want to use any OCs, please leave me a comment or something to tell me and give me a link to the work you used it in. I don't mind you using any of them though, I won't murder you... Immediately. xD

For the character images I used: [link]

I use Lunaii for everything... xD

This was fun but took AGES. The family tree was fine, it didn't take very long. But the descriptions = O_O

Hope you like it! Yes, I ship Scorpius/Rose. But I think Scorpius/Lily is okay - as long as it's like a teen fling or something short. I prefer Scorpius/Rose though... Scorpius/Lily is what I'd use to torment Rose in an angsty story.

This sorta compliments my FanFic... But the houses don't. Not all of them, at least. :3 ;D Won't tell you who... But there would be more Slytherins in the NG. <3



I might put it up on here... I don't know. xD

I'm definitely writing more stories set in this universe though... Definitely writing one on an evil Weasley.

I added in a few OCs... Marietta Weasley [Originally Smith] is the daughter of Zacharias Smith and Marietta Edgecombe. I love that pairing <3 Marietta Smith is the girl that destroys the house hatred for Slytherin, and the rivalry between Gryffindor and Slytherin. Basically, she changes Hogwarts in some aspects. ^_^


STARTING FROM THE LEFT (*takes deep breath*):


NYMPHADORA LUPIN II - HUFFLEPUFF! THE OLDEST GREAT GRANDCHILD OF MOLLY AND ARTHUR WEASLEY. A Metamorphmagus just like her paternal grandmother, with the beauty of a veela, like her maternal grandmother. She finds it quite hard to fit in - despite her brilliant personality. She is a very funny and charismatic person. Although she's not always the brightest. Her nicknames are Dora and Lu. She hates being called Nymphadora, and she doesn't like Lupin either. Attended Hogwarts from 2033 - 2040.

CLAUDE LUPIN - RAVENCLAW - A metamorphmagus with wisdom far beyond his years. He prefers to be different and he is very academic - so he's not really a Quidditch player. He's also timid and shy but a very nice person once you get his nose out of his textbooks! Attended Hogwarts from 2035 - 2042.

CHRISTIENNE LUPIN - GRYFFINDOR - She doesn't mean to brag, but she certainly is the best looking out of all of her brothers and sisters. In fact, she is the most beautiful grandchild of the Weasley-Delacours. Fleur absolutely adores her and often helps her with fashion. She's a mischievous young lady and she's very selfless and caring. But she can be arrogant at times. Attended Hogwarts from 2035 - 2042.

MARIE LUPIN - SLYTHERIN - A metamorphmagus. At first, she hated her house. But over time, she grew to love it - despite most of her closest friends being Gryffindors. She is cunning and ambitious, very crazy and fun-loving. But sometimes she's a bit of an a$$hole - she is almost as arrogant as Christienne at times and snaps at everyone from time to time. But she is not - and never will be - a bully. In fact, a bunch of Ravenclaw a$$holes bully her [as well as her brother, Claude, who is also a Ravenclaw]. Most people in the school like her though - but she wouldn't class herself as a popular kid. Attended Hogwarts from 2036 - 2043.

REMUS LUPIN II - GRYFFINDOR - He is a human with werewolf-like features - much like his maternal Grandfather. Come on, both his paternal and maternal grandfathers have werewolf traits. I wasn't going to leave the Lupin-Weasley free of werewolves. xD Remus Lupin II is a shy, intelligent and brave young boy. He is proud to be different [this almost led him to being a Ravenclaw - but the hat saw that he'd be a better Gryffindor] and he is very wise. He's selfless and unnecessarily chivalrous. Most people want to slap him for doing stupid things to help/save other people. xD Attended Hogwarts from 2037 - 2044.


GABRIEL ZABINI - GRYFFINDOR - A mischievous little guy. Almost sent to Durmstrang, but he would not stop crying for hours [upon hearing this], so his parents gave in to his wishes. He loves to prank people and is in love with the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. He is a very talented wizard - he can pull off spells like no other boy in his house. He has a powerful wand and is not afraid to fight for what he believes in. His parents adore him, despite the fact he is a Gryffindor. Some may say that he's the favourite out of all of the Weasley-Zabini children. Attended Hogwarts from 2035 - 2042.

NICOLE ZABINI - BEAUXBATONS [Then transferred to Hogwarts, sorted into HUFFLEPUFF] - One of the kindest girls anyone could ever meet. She helps out everyone that she can and never leaves anyone behind. She is extremely loyal and loving, as well as being very intelligent. But she can have a very hot temper. She was transferred from Beauxbatons to Hogwarts after several Beauxbatons boys hexed/jinxed her severely - but she made a full recovery. Naturally, Dominique and Chase wanted to murder the boys - but Nicole told them not to. Attended Beauxbatons from 2036 - 2038. Attended Hogwarts from 2038 - 2043.

JACQUELINE ZABINI - GRYFFINDOR - Definitely brave and the most beautiful of the Zabini-Weasley children [She inherited the Veela genes]. She defies every rule there is and does whatever she wants! Nobody tells her what to do! She loves to explore and is a very charitable person. She even joined SPEW! But like her older sister, she has a horrible temper when angered. Attended Hogwarts from 2038 - 2045.

LÉNA ZABINI - RAVENCLAW - The most intelligent Zabini-Weasley child, and she is almost as beautiful as her older sister, Jacqueline. A lot of people treat her as if she's insane - she's a lot like Luna Lovegood. Her parents love her just as much as her other siblings, but they worry about the minuscule amount of friends that she has. Attended Hogwarts from 2039 - 2046.

ANTOINETTE ZABINI - SLYTHERIN - The biggest a$$hole Slytherin since Pansy Parkinson - she's best friends with a bunch of a$$holes too. She often sneers at her older cousins Remus and Christienne Lupin, as well as her older brother Gabriel and older sister Jacqueline. She often treats her cousin Nymphadora Lupin and her sister Nicole badly because they are both Hufflepuffs - in her eyes, this means that they are a pair of idiots. She bullies Lauren Malfoy, Ellis Weasley, Katherine Potter and Nigel Potter too. She can be incredibly loving to those she cares about and often hides her loving, emotional side from everyone. She is quite the anti-heroine, and has been influenced by her friends to have such negative views. Despite Dominique being like this herself, she often quarrels with Antoinette more than the other Zabini-Weasleys - thus, Antoinette tends to feel unloved and jealous of her siblings. Chase [her father] and her cousins Marie Lupin and Jean Weasley are the only people that can get through to her. Marie and Jean help her to become a better person... EVENTUALLY. The only non-Slytherin cousin she likes is Camille Weasley, mainly because of their similar views, and the only non-Slytherin second cousin she likes is Alison Weasley - who almost leads her into a life of darkness, if it wasn't for Marie and Jean. Attended Hogwarts from 2039 - 2046.

LOUIS AND MARIETTA WEASLEY'S CHILDREN [Marietta Weasley née Smith is the daughter of Zacharias Smith (and maybe Marietta Edgecombe? ;D)]:

MATTHIEU WEASLEY - RAVENCLAW - Probably the most attractive male grandchild of the Weasley-Delacour family. Siriusly. He has a fanbase, too - although he isn't vain at all. In fact, he always puts his family and friends first - he is selfless, chivalrous and loyal. He fights for anyone he cares about and often tries to reach out to

his cold-hearted cousin, Antoinette Zabini. The Sorting Hat was tempted to put him in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff but decided on Ravenclaw - due to his extremely wise nature and thirst for creativity. He loves to draw and paint. Although he tends to put too much thought into things and over-analyses them. Sometimes this makes him a terrible decision-maker. Attended Hogwarts from 2037 - 2044.

JEAN WEASLEY - SLYTHERIN - One of the nicest people anyone could ever meet. She is beautiful and kind, as well as loyal, selfless, caring and just. DON'T LET THAT FOOL YOU! She is very cunning, resourceful and ambitious with a very great thirst for power - she intends to be Head Girl, Prefect and Captain of the SQT [Slytherin Quidditch Team]. She certainly has the Quidditch skills, the charms and the intelligence to do this. With a personality as great as hers, she could even be one of the few female Ministers for Magic. ;) Sometimes, this personality doesn't allow her to metaphorically look behind and check to see if she's done any damage though. She is her cousin Antoinette Zabini's confidant, alongside her cousin Marie Lupin. The cousin that Jean is closest to, however, is Arthuretta Weasley - they both get up to all kinds of mischief, their only rivals being their grandfathers/great-uncles George and Fred I Weasley. Attended Hogwarts from 2038 - 2045.

CAMILLE WEASLEY - RAVENCLAW - A very popular girl that loves to stand out from the crowd. That seems strange, doesn't it? Well, it works for her. She is pretty and charming when she needs to be. She is a bit of an a-hole to girls that don't fit in as well as she does, though - usually to girls like her cousins Nymphadora Lupin, Jilly Wood and Lauren Malfoy. She takes after her maternal grandmother in terms of personality, and is the only non-Slytherin cousin that Antoinette Zabini likes. Most of her family were surprised to find that she was a Ravenclaw and not a Slytherin. Attended Hogwarts from 2038 - 2045.

GÉRARD WEASLEY - GRYFFINDOR - A very, very good person. He isn't incredibly popular or as amazing as his older brother, Matthieu, though. Everyone at Hogwarts loves Matthieu and often ignores Gérard, seeing him as the younger sibling that will always be in the shadows. Although his parents actually love him far more than Matthieu - mainly because of his very sweet nature and chivalrous behaviour. But he has a terrible inferiority complex. Attended Hogwarts from 2040 - 2047.

MOLLY AND JACK WOOD'S CHILDREN [Jack Wood is a metamorphmagus and is the son of Oliver Wood. A very kind natured guy but can be very jealous]:

JILLY WOOD - GRYFFINDOR - A metamorphmagus, just like her father. Her hair is dark purple and she does not fit in very well with most of the kids at Hogwarts. She is incredibly brave and daring though, as well as a natural at Quidditch. Attended Hogwarts from 2037 - 2044.

TANYA WOOD - SLYTHERIN - A very friendly and cheerful girl. She is good-natured and was almost sorted into Hufflepuff but the hat decided upon Slytherin when he saw her love for the qualities of resourcefulness, ambition and power. She is a great Quidditch player, much like her father and was one of the few female Slytherin Keepers. Her pride can sometimes get the better of her, though. Attended Hogwarts from 2038 - 2045.

SAMUEL WOOD - RAVENCLAW - A complete bookworm but brilliant at charming people. He is very good looking and hates Quidditch with a passion - much to his father's chagrin. He is definitely not athletic, sticking to his belief that it is better to be a successful geek than a sports star. He sometimes forces his views on other people, but is generally a good person - he is honest, hard working, intelligent, loyal, brave, selfless and resourceful. He embodies all of the houses - but he is more of a Ravenclaw due to his beliefs. Attended Hogwarts from 2040 - 2047.


ALEXANDER SCAMANDER - GRYFFINDOR - Cheeky, cunning, cocky, fun-loving, funny, charming and a natural-born prankster. But he's pretty brave, daring and chivalrous when he needs to be. The Sorting Hat was thinking of putting him in Slytherin as a joke, but Alexander was strongly against this - he looks up to his cousin Gabriel Zabini greatly and wished to be in the same house as him. Attended Hogwarts from 2038 - 2045.

WILLIAM SCAMANDER - RAVENCLAW - A lot like his paternal grandmother - always in a daydream and very strange. He loves to be different from everyone else but has a strong group of friends. He is a very lovable person. Attended Hogwarts from 2039 - 2046.

EMILY SCAMANDER - GRYFFINDOR - A bit of an a-hole and gives a bad name to the Gryffindors. But she is a very good person at heart, and often sees the best in people. She is brave and daring, but doesn't truly embody allow of the Gryffindor characteristics. The Sorting Hat placed her in Gryffindor [as opposed to Slytherin, its original thought] to bring out her inner Gryffindor. Attended Hogwarts from 2041 - 2048.

LEANNE AND FRED II WEASLEY'S CHILDREN [Leanne Weasley née Jordan is the oldest daughter of Lee Jordan. She is a lot like her father. xD]:

CHARLES WEASLEY II - GRYFFINDOR - He loves Care of Magical Creatures - he is literally a clone of his great uncle Charlie - a great quidditch player. 'Nuff said. Attended Hogwarts from 2037 - 2044.

ARTHURETTA WEASLEY - GRYFFINDOR - A lot like her great-great grandmother - Molly Weasley, and like her great-aunt Ginny. She is very mothering but daring, brave, selfless and chivalrous. Attended Hogwarts from 2038 - 2045.

JOSHUA WEASLEY - GRYFFINDOR - A natural born prankster, and has his heart set on becoming the new head of The Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. He is a true joker and a great friend to all that know him - selfless, caring, brave and daring. Attended Hogwarts from 2038 - 2045.

ROXANNE AND THOMAS BOOT'S CHILDREN [Thomas Boot is the oldest son of Terry Boot. He is a lot like Fred/George, except with more focus on his studies and really intelligent.]:

DANIEL BOOT - GRYFFINDOR - Extremely intellectual, witty, brave, daring, selfless, caring and a VERY talented Quidditch player. Everyone loves him. Attended Hogwarts from 2037 - 2044.

NATHAN BOOT - GRYFFINDOR - Extremely intellectual, crazy, chivalrous, daring, brave, loyal and funny. He loves to watch Quidditch but can't play very well, much to his chagrin. Attended Hogwarts from 2041 - 2048.

SALLY BOOT - GRYFFINDOR - Extremely intellectual, a very talented duellist, ace prankster, selfless, daring, brave and funny. She loves Quidditch, but like Nathan, cannot play very well. Attended Hogwarts from 2042 - 2049.


STATICE MALFOY - RAVENCLAW - A beautiful, funny, individualistic and intelligent girl. She is top of her year and is very hard-working - she was nearly sorted into Gryffindor, but she requested Ravenclaw instead. Attended Hogwarts from 2038 - 2045.

SEPTIMUS MALFOY - SLYTHERIN - He may seem very cold hearted, but he's a real softie and an ace at Potions. He's in love with a Gryffindor, and everyone admits that he reminds them of Severus Snape in terms of personality. Attended Hogwarts from 2038 - 2045.

LAUREN MALFOY - HUFFLEPUFF - A sweet and kind girl, talented at quidditch and she helps anyone when she can. She's a fiercely loyal friend and works as hard as her mother and maternal grandmother did - except it doesn't help her as much as it helped them. Attended Hogwarts from 2040 - 2047.

JOEL MALFOY - GRYFFINDOR - He loves his family a great deal, especially his paternal grandparents [surprisingly]. Very daring and brave, a talented Quidditch player, loves to cheer people up and is very intelligent. Attended Hogwarts from 2041 - 2048.

ALICE AND HUGO WEASLEY'S CHILDREN [Alice Weasley née Longbottom is the oldest child of Neville and Hannah Longbottom. She is a lot like Neville, except braver and more daring.]:

ALISON WEASLEY - RAVENCLAW - She "loves" her friends but isn't afraid to betray them - intelligent and charming but a very cold, twisted and horrible character. She bullies most of her family members, hates the fact she was born into the Weasley family, and runs away from home. Enjoys throwing herself at boys, wearing tonnes of make-up and has a passionate hatred of Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs. She becomes friendly with Antoinette Zabini for several years and fits in well with Antoinette's group. She deliberately steals all of Antoinette's friends when she discovers Antoinette does not believe in house-hatred as much as her. She becomes the next Dark Witch. Attended Hogwarts from 2039 - 2046.

JOHN WEASLEY - GRYFFINDOR - A joker and a brilliant Quidditch player, as well as very fun-loving. He constantly argues with Alison and defends any family member being bullied by her - including Antoinette [even though she doesn't appreciate it]. Attended Hogwarts from 2040 - 2047.

ELLIS WEASLEY - HUFFLEPUFF - She always tries to empathise and sympathise with people, a very loving and kind person. Anyone she loves is treated like a King or Queen - she will do anything for the people she loves. Ellis always tries to reach out to Alison, but due to Alison's hateful personality, she never suceeds. Ace Quidditch player. Attended Hogwarts from 2043 - 2050.

ARTIE WEASLEY - GRYFFINDOR - A carbon copy of Arthur Weasley - absolutely NUTS but very lovable and a great person. Coincidentally, his Auntie Molly absolutely adores him. Attended Hogwarts from 2044 - 2051.

KATYA AND JAMES SIRIUS POTTER'S CHILDREN [Katya Potter née Chang[-Simpson before parents' divorce] was the only child of Cho Chang and Andrew Simpson. She is quite reserved but very loving, caring and emotionally strong unlike her mother.]:

KATHERINE POTTER - HUFFLEPUFF - A very loving and sweet girl - she makes a brilliant older sister to all of her siblings as they feel they can talk to her about any problems they are having. She has no favourites out of her siblings, but she is the only sibling Trixie talks to in a kind, loving manner. She can be a bit mothering towards all of her family members and is very protective, as well as loyal. Attended Hogwarts from 2040 - 2047.

DANIELLA POTTER - GRYFFINOR - Absolutely insane and loves her father a great deal - he helps her come up with pranks that both she, her younger brother Tom and youngest sister Bella can use on people. She tries to get Trixie to lighten up about pranking and being immature/insensible, but she never really suceeds. A very powerful and gifted spellcaster/student - Trixie envies her for this, as Daniella has to do virtually no work to get Outstanding in every exam. As a result of this, she finishes work in class extremely quickly and efficiently - this means that she has nothing to do in class other than mess around. Attended Hogwarts from 2041 - 2048.

TRIXIE POTTER - RAVENCLAW - Very quiet, sensible and is nothing like the majority of her siblings - she hates being the centre of attention and would rather keep herself hidden behind a good book or practicing a spell rather than attending crazy parties held by all the houses. She is one of the top students in her year and works hard to keep it that way. She was considered for Hufflepuff, but the hat decided against it. She hates following the crowd and doesn't believe in popularity. Very logical. Attended Hogwarts from 2041 - 2048.

KEIKO POTTER - RAVENCLAW - Pretty, popular, loud, individualistic and very creative. She's not afraid to stand out - she wears some SERIOUSLY crazy clothes whenever she gets the chance and her hair is a different colour every day. No, she's not a metamorphmagus - Tom 'accidentally' cast a hair colour changing charm on her and it changes everyday. But she likes it that way. Attended Hogwarts from 2041 - 2048.

TOM POTTER - GRYFFINDOR - Charming, funny, talented at Quidditch and gets all the girls. He literally has a fanbase. A very talented and powerful spellcaster. He is just as arrogant as his father/paternal great-grandfather at times, and cannot make the girl he likes fall in love with him. Sound familiar? [*COUGH*PRONGS*COUGH*] Attended Hogwarts from 2042 - 2049.

BELLA POTTER - GRYFFINDOR - Considered for Ravenclaw because of her intelligence and individuality - but she became a Gryffindor because of her daring personality. She loves a good prank and joke, even if it's at her own expense. Attended Hogwarts from 2043 - 2050.

SEVERUS POTTER - GRYFFINDOR - A loud, charismatic guy. Hyper and very loving, as well as caring - everyone is both alarmed and charmed by his craziness. He is extremely intelligent and was considered for Ravenclaw, but his Gryffindor-esque bravery and chivalry said otherwise. Attended Hogwarts from 2044 - 2051.

HARRY POTTER II - SLYTHERIN - Shy, quiet and a little nervous in large crowds - tends to keep to himself whenever he can. Everyone thinks he's a total sweetheart, but he can be really cunning when he wants to - especially when he has to get back at Tom for the pranks he pulls on him. Attended Hogwarts from 2044 - 2051.

JENNIFER AND ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER'S CHILDREN [Jennifer Potter née Thomas is the twin of Lexus Thomas and the daughter of Dean Thomas. She is mischievous and funny.]:

LEONARDO POTTER - GRYFFINDOR - The loving big brother that loves to tease everyone and make everyone laugh. A very talented quidditch player. He's not at all arrogant - in fact, he talks about himself quite negatively sometimes. But he's very daring, brave, chivalrous and charitable - definitely noble. He looks out for all his siblings and makes sure no bullies even lay a hand on them. Attended Hogwarts from 2040 - 2047.

ALYSSA POTTER - RAVENCLAW - She sometimes has to act as the 'mature' twin when with Josh - she scolds him at times, but she always maintains a brilliant relationship with him. A top student - she is very intelligent as well as wise, beautiful and creative. You'd think as a Ravenclaw, she'd follow the rules like a fanatic - but that isn't the case, especially because she has a mischief maker for a brother. Attended Hogwarts from 2041 - 2048.

JOSH POTTER - GRYFFINDOR - You can tell from his face that he's a mischief maker. Awesome quidditch player. He always has his hair in a mess and keeps it long - he has a fanbase as large as his cousin Tom's. The pair of them cause trouble together and he gets along well with all of his siblings - he can be very loving, despite a bit of a tough-guy outer shell. He's quite creative and gentle, as well as brave, chivalrous and fiercely loyal. Attended Hogwarts from 2041 - 2048.

FELIX POTTER - SLYTHERIN - Very caring, loving, resourceful and cunning, as well as a natural prankster. He often causes mischief with his younger twin sister, Avery - they love each other a great deal, Attended Hogwarts from 2042 - 2049.

AVERY POTTER - GRYFFINDOR - Loving, caring, daring and a natural prankster. She explores Hogwarts with her older twin brother, Felix and they often cause the teachers great headaches with their mischief. She loves Felix, despite the fact he's in Slytherin. A great Quidditch player - and she sometimes hates this fact because she has to play her equally talented twin brother who plays for her house's [ex-]worst enemy. Attended Hogwarts from 2042 - 2049.

NIGEL POTTER - HUFFLEPUFF - A very family-oriented guy. Talented quidditch player. He wants to make sure his family stick together no matter what, and cares for everyone no matter how horrible they are to him. He loves visiting his great-grandparents Molly and Arthur Weasley at the family Christmas dinners. Attended Hogwarts from 2043 - 2050.

VIOLET POTTER - RAVENCLAW - A brilliant thinker - logical and destined for greatness. She's quite quiet, and is extremely beautiful - a great deal of guys fall for her, but she almost never holds the same feelings for them. Attended Hogwarts from 2044 - 2051.


LUCAS SCAMANDER - GRYFFINDOR - He's a lot like his uncle Albus. He is very quiet and reserved at times, but he's daring, brave, good-looking and a damn good Quidditch player. Attended Hogwarts from 2039 - 2046.

BENJAMIN SCAMANDER - RAVENCLAW - A lot like his great-uncle Ronald - except he's far more intelligent. He isn't a great fan of his Slytherin cousins/second-cousins, but most of them are nice people, so he gets along with them fine at the Christmas dinners held at the Burrow by his great-grandparents. Attended Hogwarts from 2040 - 2047.

JORDAN SCAMANDER - GRYFFINDOR - Pretty, popular and definitely akin to her maternal grandmother, Ginny. She is a brilliant quidditch player and loves her family - despite how odd her father's family is and how massive her mother's family is. Attended Hogwarts from 2041 - 2048.

CASSANDRA SCAMANDER - RAVENCLAW - Very alike to her paternal grandmother [Luna], and she loves her family. Often listens to her paternal grandmother's lectures about strange creatures that are not really there. She is very intelligent and odd, as well as loving and loyal. Awful at Quidditch, but she always goes to watch her brother and sister play. Attended Hogwarts from 2044 - 2051.
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hkdk , could I please use some of these character's in my book, seen as you have the most thought through explanation of what happened after the initial books by J.K. Rowling and G. Norman. Lippert. If you agree then I am sure that you will be one of the first people to see the book. In addition i would also give you a reasonable percentage of all earnings from the series.

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i picture him as a slytherin
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